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GC Mega Frame Black:Medium -
GC Mega Frame Black:Large -
GC Mega Frame Copper:Medium -
GC Mega Frame Copper:Large -
GC Mega Frame White:Medium -
GC Mega Frame Dark Grey:Medium -
GC Mega Frame Ivory:Medium -
GC Mega Frame Ivory:Large -
GC Mega Frame Maroon:Medium -

$69.95 MSRP

Plenty of speed and grindspace?  OK.  This is where the Mega frame comes in: It fits four 64 mm wheels flat, has a lower center of gravity and wide h-block.  The wheel positioning allows for full access to the UFS bolts, taking time out of the laborious process of swapping frames.  Rock solid h-block, mounting points and sidewalls in combination with aluminum frame spacers make the frame rigid, responsive, and fast.

Available in Black, Copper, White, Ivory, Maroon, and Dark Grey *Ivory, Maroon, and Dark Grey come with a set of matching skate laces*

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