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Cult Gold Skate

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Our newest Razors Cult has hit the market, and it’s time to add some gold to your portfolio.  The cult favorite comes in a classic black boot with just the right amount of gold accent.  Still using the same trusted boot shell, we've realigned and centered the UFS mounts for boot sizes 10-13, placing the wheels and groove right where it feels and looks best.   GC FLT3 Frames, and our new cuff. Still a solid choice for beginner to advanced skaters looking for superior performance without breaking the bank.


  • Black Cult Shell with Gold Highlights
  • Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates
  • Replaceable Cuff with 'buckle stash'
  • GC FLT3 Frames & 59mm/90A GC Wheels
  • Classic Cult Liner 

US Shell Sizing:

  • Size 1 – 6/7
  • Size 2 – 8/9
  • Size 3 – 10/11
  • Size 4 – 12/13
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