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AO Q3 4.8" Park Deck

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AO Q3 Deck Black:4.8"x19.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Black:4.8"x21.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Candy Red:4.8"x20.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Candy Red:4.8"x21.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Burntpipe:4.8"x19.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Burntpipe:4.8"x20.5" -
AO Q3 Deck Burntpipe:4.8"x21.5" -

AO Quadrum3 4.8 Park Deck

Reinforced Q3 headtube atop a new park style deck with classic dropouts to fit most pegs.

Available in 19.5", 20.5", and 21.5" lengths

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